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It all started when Hilmar started riding at the age of twelve. Then in 1983 Hilmar began working for Gerd Wiltfang and stayed there for six years before moving to Oyten as operations manager at the riding school Theißen. In 1992 he became self-employed and started his professional career. From there on, over the years Hilmar has produced and sold horses to clients from all over the world and some have even made it as far as the Olympics with there new owners. Hilmar’s own results speak for themselves, not only as a successful self made businessman, the results in the arena are something to be proud of. In 2013 Hilmar was Third place with Coverlady in the Hamburg Derby, in 2015 he dominated the power jump over 2.15m meters with Continuo at London Olympia and also the championship of Nörten Hardenberg just to name a few. As well as just building up horses, Hilmar has also built up 4 riders to get their Gold riding badge. Now that Hilmar has retired from competing, his main focus is teaching, giving clinics and finding young talented horses to add to his stable. Hilmar is now also officially involved in the Horst Gebers Foundation, which provides talented young riders with talented young horses in the Hanover National Association.